Counseling and Training

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures

Counseling and Training
Audyt bezpieczeństwa Anti Drone - Ochrona przed dronami

We suggest evaluating your organization's technical protection systems for compliance with accepted safety standards and policies. The idea is to confirm the effectiveness of the abovementioned systems in a confrontation with the methods of their violation, for example by using drones.


Main elements included in the check:


  • Burglary and Panic Attack Systems;
  • CCTV systems (CCTV analog or IP, CVI CCTV, AHD CCTV);
  • Access Control Systems;
  • Information Security - Identify opportunities for information leaks through the use of special techniques (eavesdropping, surveys, etc.);
  • Assessment of solutions used to detect and dispose of flying and floating drones;
  • Opinion on the possibility of information leaks using drones.

We conduct customer needs analysis for the kind of drones the area is to be protected, distance, time, and response to intrusion detection. We discuss the hazard neutralization systems in detail.