We offer the latest solutions tailored to each user

We offer the latest solutions tailored to each user
Przeciwdziałania wtargnięciom dronów

We offer the latest solutions tailored to every user, from the early detection of drones (dedicated to everyone), preventing movement around the protected area, forcing to land, and ending in physical elimination of the drones (police, army, various security services, buildings belonging to critical infrastructure).


For many institutions and people, information about how to protect and use tools is part of security itself. Therefore, the methods and working conditions of our equipment are presented individually, after getting familiar with the needs of the given subject and the legal title and the possibilities to use a given method of disposal of drones.


Our equipment is efficient and tested. They perform their tasks in relation to all currently provided non-military drones.

Example of zone coverage of one device.



Selected features of the device:

  • No impact on other devices around.
  • Speed ​​and ease of use.
  • Large protected area.
  • Different ways of determining direction of work (omnidirectional, directional).
  • Mobility during use.
  • Wide range of camera configurations and customization.



As with the owners of drones, the responsibility for the use of devices against the intrusion of drones into protected areas rests entirely on the buyer. He takes responsibility for any operation using the device, whether in a legal or illegal manner.