Mexican drug cartels are turning consumer drones into flying suicide bombers.

An article in Small Wars Journal summarizes the recent arrest of four men in Guanajauto in Central Mexico, approximately 189 miles northwest of Mexico City. The men were traveling in a stolen car with an AK-47 style rifle and 3DR Solo commercial hobbyist drone. The drone carried an improvised bomb via a string. A radio frequency detonator would then set off the bomb remotely.



Polaris ATV with portable laser. The kit charges from 2200 volt outlet. According to producer it can be fired 20 to 30 times. It requires ATV to stop to fire the laser.



It is not a problem for a heavy-duty multicopter to carry a rifle. But the recoil remains a problem. According to Duke Robotics Inc. his drone has “a unique suppression firing and stabilization solution." Gimbal turns in real time, recoil is distributed to minimize it. Its effectiveness remains unproven so far.