"Our solution is quite simple from a mechanical point of view, but it is very versatile and very autonomous, with onboard perception and control systems," says Davide Falanga, researcher at the University of Zurich.


"The morphing drone can adopt different configurations according to what is needed in the field," says Stefano Mintchev, coauthor and researcher at EPFL.


"The final goal is to give the drone a high-level instruction such as 'enter that building, inspect every room and come back' and let it figure out by itself how to do it," says Falanga.



Researchers at the University of Dayton partnered with Sinclair College National UAS Training and Certification Center have been studying different forms of collisions e.g. nose cone, engine, wings.

DJI Phantom penetrated deeper into the wing and did more damages than the bird.



Mexican drug cartels are turning consumer drones into flying suicide bombers.

An article in Small Wars Journal summarizes the recent arrest of four men in Guanajauto in Central Mexico, approximately 189 miles northwest of Mexico City. The men were traveling in a stolen car with an AK-47 style rifle and 3DR Solo commercial hobbyist drone. The drone carried an improvised bomb via a string. A radio frequency detonator would then set off the bomb remotely.



Polaris ATV with portable laser. The kit charges from 2200 volt outlet. According to producer it can be fired 20 to 30 times. It requires ATV to stop to fire the laser.