Specialist Training

Practical aspects of counter-acting drone intrusion

Specialist Training
Szkolenia Anti Drone - wykrywanie dronów

Description of the market situation in Poland and in the world.

Characteristics of the industry and its development.Presentation of legal conditions and ways of responding to occurrences in individual countries.


Description of currently used, civil flying devices – drones

Types of construction used to build drones.

Explanation of technical rules of operation of individual mechanical and electronic devices and communication systems with the drone - how to control it.



Types of dangers in the context of using drones presently being used (for example, events around the world and in Poland), as well as an analysis of events that may occur in the future. Characteristics of threatened objects: their sensitivity to unauthorized use of flying devices, illustration of such actions, and risk analysis of the discussed incidents



Legal methods used in Poland and around the world.

Solution plans.

 Mechanisms of detection of civil, commercial drones: principles of operation, advantages and disadvantages of particular solutions, conditions necessary for proper operation.

Presentation of the market situation: available, working/tested equipment to defend against unauthorized intrusion of drones, prepared prototypes and solutions. Legal status of individual actions: from preventing the entry of drones into protected areas to their physical liquidation.